Embedded Intelligence

Delivering smarter products and systems to industry



With a long history spanning over a decade Motiveorder has helped numerous clients deliver information technology products and systems to the market place. Our software knowledge knowledge is complemented with a background in electronic hardware design.  

With the rapid growth in mobile computing and the internet of things in the last few years we have concentrated our skills and knowledge to help our clients deliver embedded solutions both on ARM and x86 platforms. With the increasing interest in Machine Learning we are know concentrating our efforts on apply this technology to the embedded and low power systems.



With the continued growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and all of the hype surrounding IoT, it can be easy to get lost in the theory of what is possible or not. We can guide you through the maze of terminology to add value to your company or product line.

We have experience of developing and deploying sensors and a gateway for a LoRA network.

Embedded Systems Development

We have worked closely with a number of customers to advise, design and develop their embedded system application.

Machine Learning

With the increasing interest in the application of Machine Learning we are currently evaluating the practical feasibility of applying this technology to embedded systems. Given the resource constraints of embedded or low power systems this represents a significant challenged.

Linux Kernel Development

We have wealth of experience developing Linux kernel device drivers both for ARM and x86 platforms.

BSP Development and Support

Through the years we have worked closely with a number of Embedded System OEMs to fully implement their BSP packages including Bootloaders, Firmware and Linux Kernels. Furthermore we can provide on going support to your end customers.

i.mx6 Services

We have a wealth of experience developing on the i.mx6 range of processors and can provide expertise in numerous areas to help you bring your product market.


With a customer base from around the globe (including OEMs) we have a wealth of experience in meeting our customers needs regardless of time zones or culture. Our customer based covers the USA, Europe, Israel and Australia.

We have partnered with customers in finance, telecommunication, broadcasting and oil and gas.



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